I used to think I would live forever. Those endless childhood days, they went on and on and on. I felt invincible, with a brain that could not compute an end. As an adult, and especially in recent years after losing my parents, I've discovered that, well, it's just not so. As much as we'd like to stop time, the days tick-tock on by. Seasons change, children grow, and we are spectators to the beautiful, ever-changing story as it unfolds. We hold our babies and spouses tight, wondering how we got so lucky and trying to live in the moment as much as possible in this hectic whirlwind we are living. If you're like me, I spend so much of my time wondering how did I get here, when did I become a grown up, what is this wrinkle, why are my baby's feet so big?

This is why I have the absolute best job ever. You guys, I've figured it out. I get to freeze time. I get to capture the moments that we all want to last forever. It is truly an absolute joy and privilege to be with my families during new beginnings and love on their memories right alongside. After nearly a decade in this crazy business, I've found that while I fill your homes with story-telling images, you fill my heart up to the very brim. It's the absolute best partnership.

The beautiful bond between a mother + her child.

The social norms around breastfeeding have been changing rapidly in recent years. More and more nursing parents have become comfortable with feeding their children out in the open, celebrating this very beautiful, natural act. They’ve also found another way to celebrate this physical bond with their babies and toddlers, through professional breastfeeding portraits.



Why do you think mamas want breastfeeding portraits? What do they use them for, and why do you think it’s important?

For other moms, a breastfeeding session marks the end of a chapter in their lives. Once they have decided that they will not be having any more children, documenting this special phase seems even more precious than ever.

Every mom has different reasons for booking breastfeeding portraits, but I can assure you that every single one of them will sit there and look at those photographs over and over again because it evokes something within her.

Breastfeeding Photography isn’t just the latest trend, it is a way to promote and normalize breastfeeding. Photographs have a powerful impact in our current day and time. With the use of technology, a photo can reach millions of people. What better way to spread our message of acceptance for breastfeeding than with beautiful portraits.

What are the main differences between professional breastfeeding photography and taking photos at home?

While taking pictures at home with your phone or camera is great for everyday documenting; professional breastfeeding photography is a wonderful experience that you just can’t get at home on your own. Not only is the quality of the photographs that a professional can take much better, but a professional will capture the true, raw emotion of that certain moment. The photographer has a trained eye that can see the details that you would otherwise miss trying to do it yourself at home. A professional photographer can offer you a different perspective, from the outside looking in.

When packing my bag, what should I bring?

I recommend bringing the child’s favorite stuffed animal, a favorite blanket, or any other item that is used at home for soothing. A professional photoshoot can be intimidating for a little one. This provides some familiarity and can help make the experience less scary.

What should I NOT bring?

PROPS are not necessary. A breastfeeding session should be all about that special bond between mother and child and not about random objects. Of course, heirloom items like a special book that you always read is okay.

What do you recommend we wear?

I am a lover of neutrals. My goal with every nursing session is to capture that brief quiet moment that is shared while breastfeeding. I find that neutral colors allow the me to showcase the mother/child relationship in a very natural and harmonious way. I absolutely avoid hot colors such as yellow, orange, and red. Also stay away from busy patterns or anything that could distract away from that sweet moment.

Should the child come hungry, freshly-nursed, or somewhere in between?

I recommend following your regular routine and booking your photo session at a time when your child regularly nurses. It’s best if baby is neither full nor super hungry. Hungry babies make grumpy babies, which makes the whole experience unpleasant. Nursing up to one hour before the session is generally a good guideline but we all know that children nurse on demand and not necessarily on a schedule. I have a few babies who have arrived too full to nurse again. When this happens, I usually wait it out and try again and when little one finally nurses, I shoot quickly in order to capture as much as I can.

When hunger strikes children’s emotions become heightened. Tears flow and mom begins to stress. When this happens, I will play some relaxing music, leave the room and close the door behind me. I give them some time and then return after the child has settled down into their nursing groove.

What do you suggest to mothers who want breastfeeding photos but aren’t comfortable showing skin, or are used to covering up?

Absolutely! I tell moms they can show as little or as much skin during their session as they like. Scarves, shawls, blankets or fabrics in neutral colors can provide a bit more privacy if they wish to cover up. Some of the mothers I photograph choose to keep their images private and I do not publish or display their photos in any way. This is another way to keep this sacred moment between baby and mom private if the client so chooses.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of picking a certain age to take these photos?

There is no wrong age to book a breastfeeding session, whether you have just begun your breastfeeding journey with an infant or are at the end of it with a weaning toddler. Each stage is different and deserves to be captured.

An infant is a breeze to photograph since they nurse on cue and seem to always be hungry or looking for comfort. I suggest that you do not book a nursing session too early on with a newborn. Definitely wait until you have settled into a comfortable groove with baby. You don’t want to book a session while you’re still trying to figure out a proper latch because it simply will not go well. Once you feel that you have gotten the hang of things, you can go ahead and schedule a breastfeeding session.

What does a typical breastfeeding shoot look like with an infant?

A breastfeeding photoshoot with an infant is very relaxed. Usually baby arrives asleep in a car seat so transitioning into the nursing session is very easy. At this stage they aren’t mobile yet and don’t care too much for where they are so we go straight into it. I will play quiet lullabies or white noise to help baby feel calm and peaceful. I do very little talking, if any. I simply observe and take it all in as I click the shutter. Younger infants yield for a longer session and very tender images. It hardly even feels like a photo session at all.

What does a typical breastfeeding shoot look like with an older infant, or a toddler?

A session with an older infant, one who is mobile specifically, or a toddler can become quite a fun adventure. I like to think of it as a play date. I introduce myself to the child and give them a little bit of time to look around, maybe do a bit of exploring and get comfortable. The older the child, the more time they will need to feel at ease in a new environment. It is crucial not to rush this part and not to push the child beyond their limits or the photoshoot will be a disaster. Once the nursing begins, I find that the photoshoot goes rather quickly. Breastfeeding sessions with an older infant or a toddler will result in lots of candid shots, which are my personal favorite!

What are the main worries of mothers in regard to breastfeeding portraits that you have seen? How do you help them relax?

Most mothers are concerned that they will not know how to pose for their shoot. It is an understandable concern but not one that you need to spend much time worrying [about]. You do not need modeling experience to book a nursing session. It is the photographer’s job to guide and direct the shoot. I think the perfect breastfeeding session is created when little direction is given and the photographer focuses on making you feel comfortable and letting the rest happen on its own.


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